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Basic Handling Skills Test

What is the Basic Handling Skills Test?

The Basic Handling Skills Test (BHS test for short) is a practical riding test to see if you have mastered the basic skills that will keep you safe on the road while you’re working towards your full licence. This is the first step towards attaining a NZ Motorcycle Learner Licence.

RIDER TRAINING (NZ) is a NZTA approved trainer and tester of the Basic Handling Skills Test.  We conduct these tests (as well as training to prepare you for this test) at various locations over Auckland.

What do I have to do in the BHS test?

What is involved in a basic handling skills test? Since 2012, changes came into effect to strengthen the Basic Handling Skills Test (BHST) and improve the safety of motorcyclists. The Basic Handling Skills Test consists of four stages:

Stage 1. Basic turn and stop
Stage 2. Figure of eight and park
Stage 3. Linking figures of eight
Stage 4. Increased speed and emergency stop

In completing the tasks above you will be assessed against the relevant assessment items below.  These are what are considered the 'General Tasks':

Looking - In the correct direction
Signaling - Using indicator correctly and timely
Head Checks - Making head checks before changing position
Lateral position - Riding position of motorcycle within the lane / cornering
Control - Correct use of all Motorcycle Controls, not stalling etc.
Speed - Using appropriate speed, approx. 20kph for Emergency Stop
Parking observation - Correct checking before parking
Parking movement - Correct placement of Motorcycle when parking

There are also other requirements that the Instructor will be looking out for while you conduct these exercises.

Which Motorcycle Course is for me?

We have tailored courses to suit a various amount of Riding skills and levels of Licence. Please have a look at the different types of courses we offer below to see which best suits your needs....

Everyone has different needs and backgrounds.  For this reason, we have designed 4 different Basic Handling Skill (BHS) package deals to suit most of our students. These packages include Training, Bike Hire + Safety Gear and the BHS Test. If you feel you may need more time for training, please inquire as we can make up a package to suit everyone.

Our Basic Handling Skills Packages

I have not ridden a Motorcycle before / want the most training for the BHS Test                               -    The Full Monty
I have ridden a scooter but not a manual Motorcycle / had minimal experience riding                                -   The Intro
I can ride a Motorcycle but I want to practice as I'm a bit rusty                                                                -  The Refresher
I can ride and don't need any training or have already practiced the test / want to resit                       - BHS Test Only