Welcome to our new look website. IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: If your licence has expired but has the 2-year extension, you must get a Temporary Licence before sitting a CBT test. Contact us for more details.

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Frequently asked Questions

Where and when do you conduct sessions?

BHS is at various locations and times, so drop us a line to see when we are in a location that suits. For our CBTA we are based out of Westgate (Massey) and sometimes out of Albany (North Shore), we only conduct CBTA during the weekends. Call, txt or email us to find out when we are holding the next sessions or you can check the Course Dates page to find out when the next sessions are coming up. 

How do I book?
Bookings can be made through info@ridertraining.co.nz or by phoning or texting us on 0210334766.  As we operate on a first-come-first-served policy and not on a specified course timetable, we will offer you a booking time.  If this is not suitable, we will do our best to find a time that works for you. Please take the time and read our Terms and Conditions listed below. 

How and when do I pay?
We require all Training and / or Testing to be paid before commencement day. Usually this is done via Internet banking. Once a Day/Time is set, we will send the banking details to you. No payment = no secured booking.   Sorry, cheques and credit cards are not accepted.

What happens if it rains on the day?
Training takes place regardless of weather. Unfortunately riding in the rain is part of Motorcycling, so why not start now?  Lessons may be rescheduled when severe weather conditions warrant - this is at RTNZs discretion, we will only contact you if we postpone.  (Dangerous Winds and / or Rain). This is why we need a contactable phone number when booking.

What kind of Motorcycles do you use for CBTA?
We do not provide a Motorcycle for CBTA. You will need to either own / borrow or rent a LAMS-Approved Motorcycle. Ensure it is Road-Legal (up to WOF standards, including current Registration and WOF). We can provide a list of suppliers that rent LAMS Motorcycles. As for what the Instructors ride, most of the time you will find us on a Suzuki GSX-S750 or (on a rare occasion) one of our Harleys.

Can a mate and I take the course at the same time?
Yes and No. We can book you both on the same day however CBTA is only one-on-one. You can book back-to-back and use the same Motorcycle (provided it is LAMS and Road-Legal).

I already own a Motorcycle, can I do the test on it?
Yes you can but it must comply with a few requirements.  It must be a Road Registered Motorcycle (LAMS approved) in a road worthy condition and can be either auto or manual.  Please ensure it has a current Registration and WOF and it is displayed so the Instructor can check. It also must not be a Yamaha Tri-City or Suzuki GN125 or an other motorcycle / scooter that cannot maintain 'Open Road Speeds'. If you are unsure please drop us a line to confirm.

Also check these items;
No damage that could be a safety issue, broken Levers or Footpegs,
Chain - (If fitted) Not too tight or loose, lubricated
Tyres - Not below legal tread level, no damage and correct tyre pressures
Lights - Indicators, both Brake lights, Tail and Head Light in working order
Horn - In working order
Display L Plate - Must be on the rear of the Motorcycle and clearly seen (If you are on a Learner Licence)
Ensure you wear Clothing suitable for riding a Motorcycle, including Gloves. No bare skin.

If you have any queries or questions feel free to drop us a line at info@ridertraining.co.nz and we will get back to you with an answer.