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The Full Monty Package

What is The Full Monty?

Don't panic, its got nothing to do with the movie.........

This is our most popular course for those with minimal or no previous experience. Recommended for those who have not ridden a Two-Wheeled Motorcycle or Scooter before, or those who have had minimal experience that want the most of their basic training.

IMPORTANT: You must be able to ride a push-bike / cycle as balance is a key factor of Motorcycling

We will show you all the controls, Motorcycle Basics including how to use the clutch and how to control the Motorcycle in a safe manner before practicing on the actual Basic Handling Skills test layout.  After completing the course you should feel confident enough to ride on the road (after passing the BHS test).

This package includes:
  • Practice is done on the actual BHS course
  • The Basic Handling Skills Test* (only if rider is up to standard by the end of the session)
  • Motorcycle, Helmet and Gloves included
  • More time to Practice and Learn than the Intro Package

*Disclaimer:  The Basic Handling Skills (BHS) is an actual TEST, therefore taking the Full Monty course not a guarantee for a pass.  Some riders may need to take a further tuition to be up to the standard.

Full Monty Package costs $290

And is up to 2½ hrs long with 1-on-1 Tuition with an Instructor