Welcome to our new look website. IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: If your licence has expired but has the 2-year extension, you must get a Temporary Licence before sitting a CBT test. Contact us for more details.

P: 0800 LRN 2 RD / 0210334766

CBT2 Full Licence


CBTA 2 Restricted to Full Licence Costs

   CBT2+2hr               Up to 2hrs Training, Practice  + Test          $360

   CBT2Plus               Up to 1hr Training, Practice  + Test            $260  (Most popular option)

    CBT2Test              Test Only (No training or practice)              $160

Once you have successfully completed the CBTA2 (Restricted - Full) the Instructor will issue you with a certificate. You need to hold you 6R (Restricted Motorcycle) for at least 12 months to be able to apply for a Full Licence. (With a CBTA2 certificate) Present that certificate to your local NZTA agency, complete the application phase and pay a fee (approx $50) and you will receive a Full Licence. Time for Bike Shopping!

Restricted to Full - CBTA2

The CBTA2 is for those already on their Restricted Licence and want to achieve their Full Licence.  

As of the 1st February 2018, you must hold a 6R for at least 9 months before sitting the CBTA2 Assessment Test. However you still have to complete the 12 months period BEFORE you can Apply for the Full Licence

One of the great benefits of completing a CBTA2 Assessment Test is that it takes 6 months off your waiting time to your Full Licence - compared to the Practical Test Option. Optional training at any point of time is also recommended by the NZTA but this is not compulsory. There is no theory or classroom involved in the CBTA, it consists only of:

  • A pre-ride safety check of your Motorcycle (conducted together)
  • A pre-ride briefing and fitment of the Intercom to your Helmet 
  • Training Session and Debrief before attempting Test* 
  • The actual Onroad assessment takes approx 30mins for CBTA2

On completion, the Instructor will debrief you on the outcome and also give you advice  on what to improve on. If you have been successful in completed the CBTA2 Test, the Instructor will issue you with a certificate that you present to your local NZTA agency.

* CBTA Training and Test Packages Only

Which course do I choose?

Rider Training NZ has three options – a combined ‘Training, Practice and Test CBT2+2hr and CBT2Plus’ or a ‘Test Only CBT2’ for people who do not wish to take any training or have done a recent Rideforever Course (Bronze or higher) or a test re-sit. 

Although training isn't compulsory, it is recommend you complete training before attempting the CBTA Test. This will ensure that you have the necessary riding skills and you're fully prepared to attempt the test. The CBTA Tests are designed to ensure you're competent in a prescribed range of riding skills, which are important to keep you safe when riding on our NZ roads.



If you are unsure your Motorcycle is LAMS-Approved either Contact Us or check out the list LAMS Approved List.

The Motorcycle has to be on the list and exact model to be an approved Motorcycle - Example: A LTD440 is on the list but its slightly smaller cousin the LTD400 is not on the list (even though it would be a LAMS bike). Also some models are not approved due to no power restrictions - Example: A GSR600U is approved but not a GSR600.

NOTE:  No Yamaha Tri-Citys are permitted as they are usually registered as a Car and not a Motorcycle - hence why they can be ridden on a car licence. Due to NZTA requirements we can no longer accept Suzuki GN125 for training or testing. You must provide a Motorcycle that can maintain open road speed

No Motorcycles permitted on a yellow Dealer-Plate


Please check you Motorcycle for these things BEFORE your session.  These will be checked with the Instructor before commencement of Training / Test.  What we check:

  1. No damage that could be a Safety Issue (Examples: Broken levers / footpegs, loose panels)
  2. Chain (Tension not too tight or too loose / lubrication)
  3. Tyres (Pressure / Tread Depth / Any Damage)
  4. Wheels (Rim Damage or loose Spokes)
  5. Mirrors (Minimum of one intact mirror)
  6. Indicators (Front and Rear), Brake light, Head & Taillights, Horn (Working / lenses intact)
  7. Registration and Warrant Of Fitness (Current Rego and WOF)

If your Motorcycle does not Pass this Compliance check, the Training and / or Test cannot commence until the Non-Compliance is fixed. Your options will be:

  • If it can be fixed on the spot, this will cost you time from your Training Session
  • If it is a Test Only, this could result in a Fail test
  • Instructors discretion on what other action to take 


Read this PDF about CBTA. This will give you an insight on how the CBTA is done / what you are assessed on etc..


Most often it will be booked for Z Westgate - Directions Here 

Occasionally we book for Z Albany - Directions Here 


We do not postpone or cancel sessions very often. We do continue in wet weather unless it becomes too dangerous (at Instructors discretion). We will contact you if there is any change to your session. If you need to cancel, the sooner you let us know we may be able to move your time slot. See our Terms and Conditions page for more details.


You must bring your Drivers Licence with you, if you do not have it on your person the session cannot commence.  If you are booked in for a CBT2 and you have a Temporary Licence (Paper licence) you will also need to bring another form of Photo Identification and proof that you have held the 6R for at least 9 months or the session cannot go ahead.

Acceptable Id's:

  • Passport
  • NZ Firearms Licence
  • 18+ Card

IF YOU LICENCE HAS EXPIRED:  If your licence has expired (but have been informed by NZTA it is still current under the Covid19 extension) you will need to have a Temporary Licence issued to sit your training and/or test session.  This can be arranged by going into your local NZTA agency and asking for a Temporary Licence to sit your CBT.  If you are unsure about your licence situation please contact us before your session.  


You are required to wear suitable Motorcycle Safety Gear. This comprises a minimum of:

  • Approved Motorcycle Helmet - AS1698 / NZS5430 / SNELL 
  • Jacket and Pants 
  • Boots or Enclosed Shoes 
  • Gloves
  • At a minimum all skin is to be covered - No shirts, shorts or open toe shoes. 

More information about Safety Gear requirements - NZ Roadcode for Motorcyclists.  If you are not compliant with these requirements, Training and / or Testing cannot commence until rectified.


We recommend arriving 15mins before your start time. If you are late this time will be taken out of your Training time or could result in a fail for a Test Only Booking. Ensure you have at least enough fuel for 100kms, if unsure fuel up before the session starts. If you run out of fuel during the Test, this could result in a fail.


If you have an Intercom already installed, we can usually pair them to our units if you know how to put your Intercom into 'Pairing Mode'. This makes for a quick and easy setup.

No Cameras or GPS units permitted, you may be asked to remove these before the session commences. If you unsure about anything - please ask! It is better to be prepared and less stress on the day....  so you can concentrate on your session.