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How do I get a Motorcycle Licence?

                We all have to start somewhere.

                To ride on New Zealand roads, you need to be Licenced.

To achieve a New Zealand Motorcycle Learner Licence, you will need to complete two separate tests. 

   -   The first part comprising of a Practical Test - The Basic Handling Skills Test

   -   The second part being a Written Test - based on the New Zealand Road Code

You must pass the Basic Handling Skills test before applying for the written test.

What is the Basic Handling Skills test?

The Basic Handling Skills Test (BHS test for short), is a practical riding test to see if you have mastered the basic skills that will keep you safe on the road while you’re working towards your full licence.

RIDER TRAINING (NZ) is a NZTA approved tester of the Basic Handling Skills Test. 

We specialize in BHS training and testing.  We have the right course for you to attain your BHS certificate.  See our
Training Courses page to find out which package would suit you best.

What do I have to do in the BHS test?

These are the NZTA requirements to achieve a pass for a BHS certificate:

1. Slow riding

You must ride at walking speed (no faster than 10secs) through a lane measured 0.75M wide by 18M long without placing / dragging your feet on the ground or any excessive swerving.

2. Routine stop

You must ride at a speed of approx 20 km/h and stop so the motorcycle's
front wheel comes to rest within a marked square using the correct braking technique.

3. Cone weave (slalom)

You must ride along a slalom course,
weaving between cones placed 3.5 metres apart with a offset
of 0.5M from the center.

You cannot touch any cones, place a foot on the ground or miss out a cone.

4. Riding a curve

You must ride up to a curve from a distance of 25M at a speed of approx 20 km/h. You must then give a turn signal, adjust your speed and ride around the curve (which is 1.2M wide), keeping within the lines all the way. Complete in both directions.

5. Quick stop

You must ride at a speed of approximately 20 km/h and on a signal from the examiner, stop as quickly and safely as possible.

6. Stopping in the curve

You must ride up to a curve from a distance of 25M at a speed of approx 20 km/h. You must then adjust your speed, enter the curve and come to a stop within the curve.

There are also other requirements that the Instructor will be looking out for while you conduct these exercises.

I have passed the BHS test, what's next?

Once you have passed the BHS test, you will be presented with a Basic Handling Skills Certificate.  You will need to take this with you when applying for your learner licence at your closest NZTA agency (AA, VTNZ or Onroad).

You will need to:

-  Complete the application form (DL9)
-  Produce your Basic Handling Skills Certificate
-  Show identification and evidence of your address
-  Pay the appropriate fees
-  Sit the theory test
-  Pass an eye sight test
-  Have your photograph taken (Smile!)
-  Provide your signature on an electronic pad

It is highly recommended to purchase a copy or use the online version of NZ Road code for Motorcyclists and study the Road code as you will be tested on this for your theory test.

Here is a FREE online Motorcycle Roadcode test to help you along.

Learners Licence

When you've passed the theory test you'll be given a temporary licence, valid for 21 days, to use until you receive your learner licence in the mail.  Your learner licence should arrive within two to three weeks. 

You will notice that your new licence will show 6L which means 6 is for Motorcycle and L is for Learner.  


   You are now a Learner Rider and can legally ride on the road!

****  But don't forget to keep to the conditions of the Learner licence!  ****

-  You must display an “L” plate attached to the rear of the motorcycle
-  Ride a motorcycle no larger than a 250cc
-  Must not ride between the hours of 10pm and 5am
-  You must not carry pillion passengers

-  You must carry your learners licence at all times
-  You must not drink alcohol before riding, if :

If you're under 20, Effectively a zero limit - consuming one drink will mean a rider can be charged with drink driving.

If you're over 20, Your riding, however, may be affected well before you reach the legal alcohol limit. It would be best practice not to have a drink when you intend to ride.


As of 1st October 2011, you MAY ride up to the open speed limit on the open road on a Learners Licence.  See HERE for more info from NZTA.

This is a very brief summary of how to get a motorcycle licence - for more information you will need a copy of The Official New Zealand Road Code and Licence Guide for Motorcyclists or visit the New Zealand Transport Agency website (NZTA)