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Yes, we are 100% Kiwi owned and operated!
   Call 0800 LRN2RD
   Txt / iMessage on (021) 0334766
   Email - info@ridertraining.co.nz

      We are taking bookings for CBTA Restricted / Full Licence Testing
                           and Basic Handling Packages / Testing.
This weeks sessions for October 2015 are available:
                                        BASIC HANDLING TESTING
       Monday  12th October -
Friday 16th  October from 4:30pm to 10:30pm

                               EMAIL us INFO@RIDERTRAINING.CO.NZ                                

    Saturday 17th October - Sunday 18th October from 7am to 5:30pm
                                    For CBTA1 and CBTA2 Tests/Packages

                                   Book in now to secure a session.

   Drop in and check out our Purpose Built, stress-free and SAFE
   Training Grounds

   Located @ 63 Mihini Road, Henderson.
   Only 20mins from Auckland CBD or North Shore
   Our open days are:
   Saturday / Sunday - 7am - 7pm
   Weekdays -  4:30pm till 10:30pm
(under 2200watts  LED Floodlights)

  Who, What and Where


The Friendly Learner Experts - We specialise in Basic Handling Skills Certificate (BHS) Training and Testing, which is the first step in attaining a New Zealand Motorcycle Licence. We have built a purpose-built training ground specifically for training and testing making it a safe choice for those wanting to do their Basic Handling. We have powerful LED lighting installed to give the option of evening sessions.

We also are providers of the Competency Based Training Assessment (CBTA) to proceed you through the NZ licensing system and reduce time between licences. We offer Training and Test Packages or only the test if you don't need any training / practise. CBT1 Learner - Restricted / CBT2 Restricted - Full Licence Training and Testing.

  Our Basic Handling
  Training & Testing
  is conducted at

    63 Mihini Road,

  @ our privately owned
   purpose - built training

  We teach and test
  Motorcycling to people
  of all skill levels:

  - No prior or little

 - Weekend warrior /
   MX and Racing riders

 - We look after all who
   want to achieve their
   Basic Handling Skills
   Certification or get
   back onto a Motorcycle

We conduct weeknight evening sessions
for our LRN2RD and BHS Courses:

Mon - Friday
4:30pm till Late

And on the weekend
LRN2RD and BHS Courses:

Saturday and Sunday
(All Day)

 Check out our
 page to see what
 upcoming dates
 we have available.

Now pumping out 2200
Watts of light!

We have just upgraded our
LEDs in time for the winter

Come down and get your
Licence kick started so you
are ready for Summer.

         We also do CBTA Training and Testing on the weekends

 For those who already
 have a Learners or
 Restricted Licence,
 we are approved to
 conduct CBTA
 training and testing to
 reduce your waiting
 time between licences

 as well as sit you for
 the practical test to gain
 your Restricted and
 Full Licences.

 If you are nervous, going
 out for your first time on
 the road or returning to
 riding - we offer Onroad
 coaching sessions around
 Auckland, please Contact
 us to find out more info.

  > Restricted and Full Licencing - CBTA

Rider Training is a certified provider of both Competency Based Training and Assessment (CBTA) courses.   This is the only way to reduce your time towards your Full Licence.

  CBT1 (Learner to Restricted) and CBT 2 (Restricted to Full) Training and Testing
  We book on a first come, first served basis:

                                                     DATES AVAILABLE

              We are now offering  CBTA1  CBTA2  Testing / Training sessions
                                            Monday - Friday after 3pm
                                           Saturday - Sunday 7am - 5:30pm All Day

                           Saturday    17th     October          Taking Bookings
                           Sunday      18th      October         Taking Bookings
                           Saturday    31st      October         Taking Bookings
                           Sunday        1st      November     Taking Booking
                           Saturday      7th      November     Taking Bookings
                           Sunday       8th       November      Taking Bookings
                           Saturday    14th      November     Taking Bookings
                           Sunday      15th      November      Taking Bookings

NOTE -------------------

CBTA is not classroom or theory based test, it is an On-road practical assessment ride conducted with one of our Motorcycle Instructors. 

Not only progress through your licence but get real feedback on your riding. It also gives you the opportunity to seek training first before sitting the test.

Go to our CBTA page to find out what the requirements are / for more info. 
See our Course Dates page for other upcoming dates.

    Why use Rider Training?

Our fleet of Yamaha Trickers 250cc
Our training fleet is made
up of two models of

Yamaha Tricker 250cc,
which are a light and
modern motorcycle -
suitable for most sizes.

Popular with the MX / Farm
riders as they have a Dirt
bike feel. 

  We also have brand new Suzuki
 GN125s available. These are suitable
 for the smaller or shorter person
 The GN has been a favorite Motorcycle
 of Riding Schools and Learner Riders
 for nearly 30 years due to their reliability
 and ease of riding.

 Both models are a Single Cylinders with
 Electric Start.

Are you getting a good deal?  
   Some riding schools may offer Motorcycle Instruction
   at a cheaper rate but.....


Q. Do you really want to share the time you have paid for with up to 6 other students?
     Not fair if someone gets more time with an Instructor than you is it?  How do you
     feel about others watching you learn?

A.  All of our 'Learn to Ride' Basic Handling Skills courses are conducted
     One-on-One with the student at our purpose-built private training grounds.

     There is no pressure on you to perform in front of a group of strangers. 
     We don't believe in group therapy!

Q. What about the extra cost of hiring the Motorcycle from the School?

A. We also supply the bike for you to learn on for no extra cost, there are
     no hidden costs.

Q. How do I know if this is a professional school? Have people enjoyed their experience?

A. Feel free to check out our Feedback page - a large quantity of our customers
     are referred from friends or work colleagues

- Patient Male/Female NZTA Approved Motorcycle Instructors
- Learn to Ride Training Sessions are One-on-One not group therapy
- Saturday / Sunday all day sessions
- Weeknight Training from 5:30pm-10:30pm under 1200w LED Floodlights
- Our motorcycles suit most heights / sizes
- CBT1 Restricted & CBT2 Full Licence Testing
- Discounts available for two or more people
- Become part of a Motorcycling Community

                   All we need is YOU!

  Which Motorcycle Course is for me?

We have tailored courses to suit a various amount of Riding skills and levels of Licence.
Please have a look at the different types of courses we offer below to see which best suits your needs....

                 Learn to Ride and Basic Handling Skills Test

Want to learn how to ride a Motorcycle?
LRN2RD  Course Packages

Ride a scooter and want to up-size to a Motorcycle? LRN2RD

You know how to ride but feel that your skills may be a bit rusty? BHS Courses

Want to do the Basic Handling Skills Test
to get your Motorcycle Learner Licence?
BHS Courses

Click on the link below for more info:

Basic Handling Courses Section

                 CBTA1 / CBTA2  and Onroad Coaching

On your Learners and want to go to a Restricted Licence? CBT1

On your Restricted and want to progress to the Full Licence?

Want to progress through your Licence but haven't had enough practice?
CBT Training

Got your own motorbike but feel nervous or unsure on the road?
Onroad Coaching

Want some 1-on-1 training on the road?
Onroad Coaching

   Click on the link below for more info:
CBTA and Onroad Coaching

  Rider Training is on YouTube

We have developed a video to demonstrate the Basic Handling Skills Test.

You can find it HERE


Rider Training is on FACEBOOK
Check us out here

 View a great selection of photos          from our training courses

    Why you should get a Motorcycle Licence

Once you have achieved your Full Motorcycle Licence...............

Taking a break under a huge Pohutukawa tree during our ride around the East Cape in Jan 2014.

The road ahead waits...

New Zealand has great places to explore by Motorcycle, get out there and find out why we featured in 'The Worlds Greatest Motorcycle Rides' as featured on the Travel Channel.

Another earlier trip - Tour of the South Island in March 2010.

Some of the best Motorcycling roads in the world are on our back doorstep!!!

Dawn and Steves' B-Kings take a deserved break on the road to Milford Sound.

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So what did you do for the Auckland Anniversary Weekend?

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What does 2015 have in store for you?
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