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  CBTA and Onroad Courses

All of our CBTA and Onroad courses require the student to supply their own road legal LAMS motorcycle.

  What is Competency Based Training and Assessment (CBTA)?

Competency Based Training and Assessment (CBTA)

Is a new training and assessment option for people getting their motorcycle licence that came into effect from the 1st March 2014.

Instead of taking a practical test with a Testing Officer (AA) at each stage of your licence, you can choose to have your riding skills assessed by an approved CBTA assessor (Motorcycle Instructor). Although training isn't compulsory, it is recommend you complete training before attempting the assessment ride. This will ensure that you have the necessary riding skills and you're fully prepared to do the assessment.

The assessments are designed to ensure you're competent in a prescribed range of riding skills, which are important to keep you safe when riding on our NZ roads.

  What are the benefits of doing the CBT?

 If you choose the CBTA option, there are a number of benefits:

  • It can reduce the time it takes you to gain your Restricted and/or Full Motorcycle Licence
  • The CBTA is the only way you can reduce the required minimum time during the Learner and Restricted licence stages
  • Improves your riding skill levels by targeting high-risk riding behaviours, which allows for a safer road system for you and other road users
  • By choosing to do your training through an approved CBTA assessor, you'll get feedback on your riding skills and you'll get tips on how to ride smarter and safer.
  • These improvements will help prepare you for the CBTA assessment, and help you make smarter choices on the road.
  • The assessment / training can be conducted out of business hours - We offer session times on weekends so you don't have to take time off work to get through your licence
  • We are a 'One-Stop Shop' - From Learning to Ride courses up to attaining a Full Licence. Learn and progress with people you already know and like.

     Rider Training NZ only use State-of-the-art

        2-Way Bluetooth Intercoms during

              CBT training and testing. 

  CBTA Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to supply my own Motorcycle?
Yes you will need to have a LAMS (Learner Approved) Motorcycle and also display a L Plate if you are on your Learners Licence. If you don't have your own Motorcycle, there are shops that hire out to people on Learner and Restricted Licences.

How many people are on the course?
This is strictly 1-on-1 due to the nature of the test. If you and a friend want to do it together / or share a Motorcycle, we can try to book you back-to-back.

How long does it take?
The CBT1 Test takes approx 1hr of solid riding and the CBT2 takes approx 30 mins. Please allow for another 45mins for Paperwork, Pre Start checks and a De-Briefing at the end. Training (which is an optional extra) takes approx 1hr, this is conducted before the test and is highly recommended.

I've been riding for a while, how do I know if I will be ready to take the test?
As a guide, the NZTA recommends 120hrs of road riding practise - if you are unsure of your ability or feel nervous, the training session will make you more confident, relaxed and show you what is expected of you in the test.

Is the test hard?
You will need to have a good knowledge of Road Law and Roadcraft.  Study up on the Roadcode to ensure you know the rules.  If in doubt, do the training session - we can guarantee that you will learn something!

Can I do just the test?

Yes you can do the test without training.  Make sure you read the course criteria so you know how you will be assessed.

Could I do a training session then come back the following week to do the test?

You sure can! We can organise anything to suit the individual, everyone has different needs.
Just ask :)

How is the CBT conducted?
After meeting and completing paperwork, we will conduct a pre-start check of your Motorcycle together then fit one of our brilliant bluetooth 2-way intercom into your helmet. If you have requested training, we will conduct this session first (believe me its well worth it!). 

This is a great way to assess your riding and a chance to correct any bad habits and show you new techniques - the Instructor follows you from behind on a Motorcycle and gives a running commentary via the Intercom. Then there will be a debreif before starting the actual Onroad test.

The actual test is not much different than the training session with the exception of the Instructor is now Assessing your ability (Testing you) and can only give you the directions.

  More information on CBTA

CBT Explained -
Explains the difference between the new CBTA and the standard / older 'Practical' system and the benefits involved for getting your Restricted and Full Motorcycle Licences.

CBTA Course Guide -
Important reading for those intending to do any CBT course, gives you an understanding of what is expected for the assessment - should put your mind at ease.

  Getting your Restricted and Full Licences

 Learner to Restricted - CBT1

The CBT1 is for those who already hold a Learners Licence and are ready to apply for the Restricted Licence.

There is NO MINIMUM TIME RESTRICTION to do the CBT1 however you must be at least 16½ to apply for the Restricted Licence. All applicants are highly advised to seek additional training prior to attempting to pass.

There is no theory or classroom involved in the CBT, it consists only of:

  -  A pre-ride safety check of your Motorcycle (conducted together)
  -  A pre-ride briefing
  -  The actual ride - Onroad assessment approx 1hour for CBT1
  -  Then a debrief / issuing of certificate if successful or training plan

Once you have successfully completed the CBT1 (Learner - Restricted) the Instructor will issue you with a certificate that you present to your local NZTA agency, complete the application phase (costs approx $50) and you will receive a Restricted Licence.

Say goodbye to that L Plate!

   CBT 1  Learner - Restricted       
   Test Only  $180       
   Training / Practise session then Test   $280

  Restricted to Full Licence - CBT2

The CBT2 is for those already on their Restricted Licence and want to achieve their Full Licence.  

You can complete a CBT2 Assessment Test at any time once you have a Restricted Licence.

One of the great benefits of completing a CBT2 Assessment Test is that it takes 6 months off your waiting time to your Full Licence - compared to the Practical Test Option.

Optional training at any point of time is also recommended by the NZTA but this is not compulsory.

There is no theory or classroom involved in the CBTA, it consists only of:

  -  A pre-ride safety check of your Motorcycle (conducted together)
  -  A pre-ride briefing
  -  The actual ride - Onroad assessment approx 30mins for CBT2
  -  Then a debrief / issuing of certificate if successful or training plan

Once you have successfully completed the CBT2 (Restricted - Full) the Instructor will issue you with a certificate.

You need to hold you 6R (Restricted Motorcycle) for at least 12 months to be able to apply for a Full Licence. (With a CBT2 certificate)

Present that certificate to your local NZTA agency, complete the application phase and pay a fee (approx $50) and you will receive a Full Licence.

Time for Bike Shopping!

  CBT2  Restricted - Full
  Test Only  $160 
  Training / Practise session then Test  $260

   How do I book for a CBT 1 or 2?

You must have or be able to provide your own road legal LAMS motorcycle for all CBT training and tests.

If you do not have access to a Motorcycle these great dealers have rentals bikes for Learner / Restricted Riders at very good hire rates:

Colemans Suzuki   Gundry Street, KRoad, Auckland CBD. Ph:093031786
Holeshot Suzuki   Barrys Point Road Takapuna, Ph:094896185
Motorcycle Central   (Yamaha) Barrys Point Road, Takapuna, Ph:092764065

Our course dates page shows when we are conducting the CBT Training and Testing, unfortunately we do not conduct these during the weekday due to other commitments.

        If you wish to book CBT Training / Testing, please call 0800 LRN2RD or
         txt / iMessage Dawn on 0210334766 or
use our Email generator form
                                       found on our
Contact us page

    Onroad Coaching

                Are you worried about riding on the road for the first time? 
             We conduct one-on-one onroad training for the nervous rider!

       Wondering how well you will do for your Restricted or Full Licence Tests? 
  We can conduct onroad assessments of your riding BEFORE you take your test!

This is ideal for those who are nervous or worried about venturing out on the road.  We can help you find confidence in your riding and teach you some vital road riding skills!

We use the latest technology in 2-Way Bluetooth intercoms, so you will never feel alone!  We can prove feedback and direct coaching as you are riding.

You must have your own road legal Motorcycle and appropriate Licence (6L/6R/6F)

We can come to your place and get you settled into riding your own machine or arrange to meet at a central point*

             Onroad Coaching -  $100 1hr or $180 for 2hrs

        Contact Us - To discuss a lesson and time to suit your needs
              *Within the Auckland City Boundary, conditions apply.

     Confident Rider Course

Due to popular demand, Ridertraining NZ has brought back the 5-hour ‘Confident Rider’ practical course targeting the New and Inexperienced Rider.

The first half of the course will be practicing basic but essential motorcycling skills in our large training grounds, with the other half finishing as an onroad session. This includes a practice CBT Restricted / Full Licence test course (gives you an idea of how the test is done and what to look out for).

All types of Motorcycles are welcome (must be Class 6 - larger than 50cc). This is limited to 6 riders per course.

    Next Intake / Session Dates:

   Call or Email us to find out when our next course is

    Contact Us to secure a spot in one of our
   Confident Rider courses

Suitable for those who are:
 - Not confident in your riding?
 - Want to improve your Low Speeding Handling Skills?
 - Nervous on Roundabouts or tight turns?
 - Not sure how to corner properly?
 - On a Learner / Restricted and want to know how the CBT works? 
 - Want to brush up on your skills prior to sitting the CBT (Restricted / Full Tests)?

   What we will cover:
- Safety Check of your Motorcycle
  / Riding gear
- Slow Speed Handling Skills
- Counter-steering
- Emergency Stopping
- + Many discussion topics
- Onroad Coaching Session
   (What is in the CBT / prep for CBT)
- Ability to pick the Instructors brain for info

   What we will need from you:
- You must have your own bike suitable to your license requirements
   (including L plate for Learners)
- Your bike MUST have a current WOF and Registration.
- You must feel comfortable to ride @ 80kph+
- Bring a drink / snack as no lunch is provided. (Petrol Station at the end of the road)
- Make sure you have a full tank of gas before we start

If there is severe weather, the course will be postponed to a further date. If there is light rain, then you will learn more about safe riding in poor weather conditions.

Come and have some fun with us and meet other like-minded people! Our training days are designed to be fun, NOT boring and dull.  You may even find a new riding buddy??

   Confident Rider Course     
   5hrs of Training, includes:
   Low Speed and Basic Skills Training
   Intro to CBT Test
   CBT Onroad Practise Session
   Only $120 per Rider!